Anti-Fog Badger Visor (Part Only)

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This visor part is for when you need the clear plastic visor part only, not the assembled product. It's the open-source design from University of Wisconsin-Madison, currently one of the best out there that is medically reviewed, with hundreds of thousands in production.

It's based on the design hospitals already use.

With this visor part, you can self assemble Badger Shields using this visor plus the brow foam and elastic headband you've sourced elsewhere.

It’s been written about in Wired and is supported by the popular Open Source COVID-19 Medical Supplies Facebook Group, which has grown to 66,000 members (and counting) in just a few short weeks.

Anti-fog clear PET visor dimensions (WxHxT):

  • 330.20 x 228.60 x 0.5mm
  • 13" x 9" x 0.02"

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